L-CHARGE Commercial.

The world needs innovative, game-changing solutions… L-Charge is ready to make that paradigm shift, bringing the day when #electricvehicles are accepted as the norm a little closer, allowing for a more sustainable world… #ev #electriccars #charging #electricmobility #tech

VOSS Classic Commercial

#color #commercial #water #fashionstyle #beauty #lowkey #portrait #colorgrade style production designer @muralovaanastasia director @eugeney_dahl edit&colorgrading @dpkuleshov model Alisa Poltavskay

BOSCH Professional commercial

Director Roman Kulepetov DoP Vladimir Kuleshov Actor Daniel Poulyakh Sound Алимов Павел (Alimov Paul Alekseevich) Production Videobaker Producer Лера Будкина (Lera Burkina). Camera RED Dragon.

Metro Cash&Carry

TV Commercial METRO Cash&Carry


Perekrestok shop action.

Dir Roman Kulepetov. Art Director Anastasia Muralova. Gaffer Denis Shatohin. Camera Rental Elisey Gladnikov. Trehmer Production.

M.Video Shop App Advert


Director Roman Kulepetov Art Director Anastasia Muralova Producer Roman Kulepetov & Daniil Sherman. PP Production.


Apteki Stolichki Ad

Director Pavel Puntus Producer Roman Kulepetov

POLARIS Commercial video

Bell Make up Tutorial

Director Roman Kulepetov DoP Vladimir Kuleshov PPProduction

Commercial VOSS

VOSS water

Stopmotion commercial

VOSS water

Stopmotion commercial

Commercial for Muz Torg shop

Commercial WeLike

Director - Vlad Malishev | D.P. Vladimir Kuleshov | Art director - Anasia Muralova
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