"A Dog’s Life".

Director Daria Soboleva. Camera Vladimir Kuleshov. Miriam Media Production 2020.

"The story of the clown".

Director Daria Soboleva. Camera Vladimir Kuleshov. "Svetlana" film production.

"Our mother, Tatiana Sorokina". 2019.

"It was ok in the end".

The film about people and work occupations. Director Daria Soboleva. Camera and Color Vladimir Kuleshov.

"The Sky under Neytrino". 2018. Director Anna Shustikova.

The Wall. Russia 2017. Director Dimitri Bogolubov.

Feature portrait documentary. Director and Producer Dimitri Bogolubov. Сamera Vladimir Kuleshov.

"NAZI DEATH CAMPS" by François Pomès. B-roll interview in Moscow of Ivan Martinoushkine the veteran of the Soviet army.

Hitler's Banker. Director François Pomès. B-roll of papers Moscow archive.